Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy
Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy
Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy
Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy

Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy

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Improve your furry friend's health with this teeth cleaning chew toy! Tired of struggling to keep your pup's teeth shiny & clean? The convenience of this chew ensures a sense of security for your pup's health. It's 100% BPA free, FDA approved, & safe for your pet.

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Thats why we created the PupFirst Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy - to keep the health of your pup first!

The PupFirst Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy encourages your furry friend to scrub their own teeth - especially their hard to reach back molars.

You can squeeze doggie toothpaste into the center that will flow out of the small holes, making teeth cleaning a breeze! Chewing for 8 minutes under your supervision will ensure healthier teeth.

The PupFirst Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy will keep your pet's teeth shiny & clean. Express your unique pup with one of our premium colors!




Made with a 100% BPA free material that is FDA approved & safe for your pet. Soft texture inside the brush ensures comfort for your dog's gums.


Features 360 degree coverage with bristles on all four sides. Over 20+ holes for dispensing dog-friendly toothpaste while chewing.


Simply fill the center with dog-friendly toothpaste. When your pup chews it, it is equal to brushing their teeth!


Made with a dishwasher safe material! We recommend you clean yours before & after use to ensure cleanliness. 


Share the love with family, friends, & fellow pet owners! Makes for the perfect gift for pet lovers!

Perfect for keeping your pup's teeth shiny & clean.

Keep your pup happy, healthy, & clean with the PupFirst Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy, created by designers who love their dogs!


 1x PupFirst Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy


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