Filtered Water Bottle
Filtered Water Bottle
Filtered Water Bottle
Filtered Water Bottle
Filtered Water Bottle
Filtered Water Bottle
Filtered Water Bottle
Filtered Water Bottle
Filtered Water Bottle
Filtered Water Bottle
Filtered Water Bottle
Filtered Water Bottle
Filtered Water Bottle

Filtered Water Bottle

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Keep your furry friend healthy & hydrated with our #1 rated pet bottle! No more dehydrated pets! The convenience & portability of this bottle ensures a sense of security for your pup's health. This water bottle is essential for any dog owner.
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Better your pup's health & improve behavior. Perfect for traveling in the car, at the dog park, our on any outdoor adventure! The leak-proof design helps prevent accidental messes. It's 100% BPA free, FDA approved, & safe for your pet. Express your unique pup with one of our 4 colors!

Just a 5% drop in bodily fluids can be enough to induce dehydration in dogs. Intense heat & a lack of clean drinking water can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to our pets. 

The Pup First Filtered Water Bottle will keep your pet hydrated with impurity free water so you & your furry friend can stay on-the-go longer.



Made with a 100% BPA free material that is FDA approved & safe for your pet. Replacement filters are available in store. Change filters once every 4-6 weeks to ensure optimal filtration.


Features an adjustable hook-and-loop strap that can be secured to your wrist or attached to any backpack. It won't slow you down when traveling!


Simply slide the bottle from the built-in trough, open the safety lock, and press the button gently while your pup drinks. You'll never need to carry around a bowl again!


Made with a silicone sealed ring so there are no leaks while carrying. The large shell ensures adequate water for even larger pets. Eliminates the need for other bulky water containers!


Share the love with family, friends, & fellow pet owners! Makes a perfect gift for pet lovers!

Perfect for keeping your pup hydrated on-the-go during any adventure.

Keep your pup happy, healthy, & hydrated with the PupFirst Filtered Water Bottle, created by designers who love their dogs!


 1x PupFirst Filtered Water Bottle

 1x Activated Carbon Filter

 1x Portable Sling Rope


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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Dog water bottle with bowl

This is the best thing ever! My mom and I both have one. Its great when walking the dogs or traveling. Fits perfectly in a cup holder. No spills! No mess!

great product

Bought this in a whim before a hiking trip with our lab. It works great and dogs love that flowing water!

Great idea

just received this yesterday and I am so happy with it that I may buy another. I wanted something for when I take my dogs to a park that is non spill and easy to carry. The design of this is so awesome and yet simple. The plastic is strong. I love it! If you have more than one large dog, you may want to get two.


Great bottle! It does not leak and has no unpleasant smell. We are happy-thank you!

Great for dog owners!!

We use it every time we take our dog for a walk. My dog loves using it on our walks or the dog parks!