Portable Pet Water Bottle
Portable Pet Water Bottle
Portable Pet Water Bottle
Portable Pet Water Bottle
Portable Pet Water Bottle
Portable Pet Water Bottle
Portable Pet Water Bottle
Portable Pet Water Bottle
Portable Pet Water Bottle

Portable Pet Water Bottle

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Improve your furry friend's health with this Portable Dog Water Bottle! Tired of struggling to keep your pup hydrated on-the-go? The convenience & portability of this bottle ensures a sense of security for your pup's health. Proper hydration leads to improved behavior as well as better health.
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Proper hydration leads to improved health & better behavior. Perfect for traveling in the car our on any outdoor adventure! The leak-proof design helps prevent accidental messes. It's 100% BPA free, FDA approved, & safe for your pet. Express your unique pup with one of our premium colors!

Intense heat & a lack of clean drinking water can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to our pets. Just a 5% drop in bodily fluids can be enough to induce dehydration in dogs.

This Portable Dog Water Bottle will keep your pet hydrated with fresh water so you & your furry friend can stay on-the-go longer.



Made with a 100% BPA free material that is FDA approved & safe for your pet.


Features a removable strap that can be secured to your wrist or attached to any backpack. It won't slow you down when traveling!


Simply fold over the built in sleeve to create your very own convenient doggie bowl. Squeeze the bottle and watch as the bowl quickly fills up. You'll never need to carry around a bowl again!


Made with a silicone sealed ring lock so there are no leaks while carrying. The large shell ensures adequate water for even larger pets. Eliminates the need for other bulky water containers!


Share the love with family, friends, & fellow pet owners! Makes a perfect gift for pet lovers!

Perfect for keeping your pup hydrated on-the-go during any adventure.

Keep your pup happy, healthy, & hydrated with this Portable Dog Water Bottle, created by designers who love their dogs!


 1x Portable Dog Water Bottle 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Convenient for travel!

I have a jack Russel/corgi mix dog that travels with us quite a bit. It's always a bit of a challenge trying to find both a water source and a bowl at the same time. I bought this water bottle in hopes of resolving that dilemma. I went out of town this weekend, took it with me, and it worked great! I could give her water in the car and at pitstops. It is very simple to use, is watertight, and very convenient.

Great for road trips!

This product is great. Tried it out to see how it would work when we got it. Our golden loves it!

Great pet water bottle

Ordered this for my 3 dogs. I like the design with the flip over top and no spills. My dogs used it with ease. Would buy again

Awesome Quality, portable, easy to use and doggy approved! Perfect for walks and traveling.

I absolutely love this water bottle and to be honest so do my pups! This is very easy to use, it came in a very cute and nice box with details insert about the water bottle and nice coloring on the box. This would be the perfect gift for anyone who is a current dog owner or who is planning to get a pup. I believe this works for dogs of all sizes as it did for mine, one who is small size and the other who is large. They both took to the water bottle with ease and were so excited to drink from it that they wanted more. I love the fact that is has a built in bowl on the hood that you just flip upward to use as a drinking bowl. The silicone material dries very quickly which is a plus when not in use. I highly suggest you give it a try. We are pleased with it already and look forward to use on walks and when traveling. They are an excellent store as we love alot of their products and their customer service is phenomenal.

Excellent Travel Mug/Bowl for Pets on the Go!

I purchased the Lesotc Travel Pet Water Bottle for my two golden retrievers. They are both a huge part of our life and they are constantly out and about with us. Typically we usually have to pack a water bottle and a tupperwear or plastic bowl (and these items usually have to be put in a backpack for ease of transporting). I was really excited to find this travel bottle since it is essentially all in one and even has a carrying strap.